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One Step - Place the measuring tape snug around the top of the dog's neck. Refer to the sizing chart for sizes 0-5. Tip: if you can't measure your dog, refer to the Typical Breeds.

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What is a Dog Halter and how does it work?

A dog head halter is a behavioural tool similar to a horse halter, with straps around the nose and behind the ears. It gives more control during walks by allowing the handler to gently guide the dog’s head, thus directing their movement. It's effective for training dogs to walk without pulling.

Are there any safety concerns with Dog Halters?

While dog halters are the leading innovators in humane, anti-pull technology, incorrect use, such as sharp-jerk corrections, can cause neck pain. It's important to gradually accustom the dog to the halter (using treats if necessary) and use it with the proper technique, avoiding any jerking motions. View our TikTok for video instructions.

How should a Dog Halter fit?

Proper fitting is crucial. The neck strap should sit just behind the ears (you should fit 1-2 fingers underneath the strap for tightness), and the nose strap band be adjusted so that it cannot slide off the dog’s nose, when first setting it up. The fitting should allow the dog to engage in regular activities like panting, drinking and it should not be too tight. See our sizing chat >HERE<

How do you train a dog to wear a Dog Halter?

Start by associating the halter with positive experiences like treats. Allow the dog to get used to the sensation of the halter by progressively introducing it in short sessions. Never force the halter on the dog; instead, encourage them to accept it willingly. Tip: Guide the dogs nose through the halter with a treat. Most dogs will comply straight away.

Scratchy, scratch! Shipping & Delivery

How does shipping and delivery work?

Delivery timeframes vary depending on your location. If you select express shipping, you can expect your order to arrive within 1 to 3 business days. Choose standard shipping and you can expect your order to arrive within 2 to 8 business days. Standard shipping is free for all orders in Australia.

The table below shows delivery timeframes for both metro and regional areas. 


Express Shipping 1-2 business days 

Standard Shipping  2-4 business days 


Express Shipping  1-3 business days  

Standard Shipping  3-8 business days 

We primarily use Australia Post for most deliveries within Australia. 
*Please note: All shipping timeframes are based on the advertised date of dispatch. Should your item have a pre-order date (advised on the product page), this is the approximate date of dispatch and delivery of pre-order items will occur within the timeframes listed above. 

How much do I pay for shipping?

If you’re located in Australia standard shipping is free on all orders.

Can I change my shipping address?

Sure can! Provided your order has not shipped, please send us the new shipping address details ASAP and we can change this over for you. To reach out with your new/updated shipping address, email us at: hello@doghalter.com.  

If your order has already shipped, don’t panic! You can still redirect it via the Australia Post tracking link provided on your shipping confirmation email.  

*Please note: We cannot redirect or retrieve orders successfully delivered to an incorrect address. So, please ensure you carefully check your address details entered at checkout. 

Help! My order is lost/hasn’t been delivered?

Although Australia Post quote us 2-8 business days for standard delivery, they may not always be able to deliver within this timeframe. When this is the case, your tracking number may show a ‘delayed’ delivery date.   

If your order isn’t delivered within 20 days, please contact us and we can launch an investigation with Australia Post.   

*Please note: The investigation outcome timeline can vary from courier to courier. We’ll do our best to help with a timely resolution.

What is your return policy?

We offer free returns for 14 days from the date your order is delivered/received. 

However, not all items are eligible for return. Any products excluded under our return policy will be noted on product pages and / or at checkout. To be eligible for a return: 

1. Item(s) must be initiated for return and placed in the post within 14 days of the date your order is delivered/received. 

2. Item(s) were not marked “Final Sale” or “Non-Returnable” at the time of purchase, unless faulty. 

3. Item(s) must be returned in the original packaging, and in ‘as new’ condition. This includes attached swing tag, shoe boxes, ribbons and specialty packaging. 

4. You must provide a photo of your item/s prior to shipping so we can assess the condition. 

 *Please note: If you claim a refund on a bundle, the bundle pricing is no longer valid. The items you keep will default to the current sale price and a refund will be given for the remaining amount.  

Example:  Purchased Dog Halter Twin Pack for $78 Returned one Dog Halter, current sale price = $48.99 Your refund is $78-$48.99 = $29.01.  The above is only an example, the total amount owed will be calculated at the time your refund is requested.  

Please email hello@doghalter.com to initiate your return. 

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